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Is your old TV antenna causing you problems?

So you are getting blurry or no picture at all on your new flat screen TV? Call the experts in TV Antenna service and repair today and get your trouble fixed in no time.

If you have had your TV antenna for a few years and it has started giving you miserable reception, the best thing you can do is to call Creative Sound & Vision, the TV antenna experts available for your attendance. We can provide you with affordable, expert TV antenna servicing and repairs at affordable price rates.

Creative Sound & Vision will evaluate the problem to see if there are any issues with your satellite or antenna cable. We will figure out how the TV antenna is connected, if by old saddle type splitter and wall plate. Also, we will review the line of sight, from an antenna to TV which can be harmful to achieving good quality digital TV signal. These are just to name a few of the issues that can be causing chaos your picture viewing.

Why choose us for your next TV antenna service or repair?

If you’re looking for an antenna expert to service your existing TV antenna, we have services starting from $80. Creative Sound & Vision will do a full evaluation of your TV antenna and diagnose any problems using specialized equipment. This means no more quick home remedies of using duck tape or rabbit ears to fix the issue.

If it’s an antenna repair you require, our TV antenna experts are able to assess and provide you with a quick quote. In most circumstances, our TV antenna experts are able to fix the problem for you on that very same day. This means you’ll be enjoying your favourite TV shows, in picture perfect quality, sooner than you think.

A poor TV antenna installation in Sydney can result in poor reception:

When your antenna is incorrectly installed or badly installed, you can suffer from a poor TV reception. This can be remedied only by entrusting your antenna installation with experts like Creative Sound & Vision today.

Choosing the wrong TV Antenna can cost you more than you think:

In order to install the appropriate antenna for you in correct order, you will need expert advice about what type of antenna that you need. This way, you avoid wasting your money on a poor quality antenna that will not give you the quality TV reception that you will want.

Installing a TV Antenna by yourself can be dangerous:

You will need an expert in TV Antenna installation to provide you best quality work and also to avoid any home accidents. We are an insuranced firm providing the highest quality of antenna maintenance services and products. Our professional antenna installers in Sydney are well-equipped and trained and have been operating to the highest of Australian industry standards for over 30 years. There is no need trust anyone else; contact our antenna installation specialists today.

We have the experience and knowledge required:

We are proud to provide you with expert service and advice on digital TV antenna solution that will suit your family needs:

  • Superior Antenna, Roof Mount, Amplifiers, and other components
  • Antenna Insurance work
  • Guaranteed Workmanship and advice

Contact us today to avail our services