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Which type of TV do you buy? Do you buy an LED, LCD or Plasma?

Creative Sound & Vision is here to assist you with finding the right television for your needs. With so many brands and so many choices out there, it can be tough to find the right one for your home or business. That’s where we come in.

We are here to assist you in finding the ideal television for your budget and preferences. From basic TVs for a bedroom to large screens for a home theatre system – we’ve got it all. Put our extensive knowledge to work for you and find affordable, dynamic, and innovative TVs for your home.

Top Television Brands at Budget-Friendly Prices:

At Creative Sound & Vision, we put the latest innovations in home entertainment at your fingertips. When you’re shopping for a new television, we make it easy to find the latest technologies from the top brands available. With no hidden extras and a free, no obligation quote, you can count on Creative Sound & Vision for affordable home entertainment solutions.

3D Televisions:

The Samsung range of 3DTV enabled LCD, LED and Plasma TV’s will amaze you and change your viewing experience forever. You will need to wear 3D glasses but no longer are they heavy or unattractive. Our new sunglass-style 3D active glasses weigh less than 30g and are designed to look and feel good.

Enjoy your 3DTV experience, put on the glasses and push a button on your remote…it’s that simple. You can even convert 2D movies into a 3D experience with the built-in real-time 3D converter. For, a total 3D entertainment solution adds a 3D Blu-ray disc player, so you can surround yourself with a new dimension of TV.

We also can install your cinema theatre system in your home:

At Creative Sound & Vision, we offer full TV installation service solutions and home theatre installation services in Sydney. When you’re ready to bring the latest entertainment technologies into your home, we’re here to assist you in the most efficient way. For a free, no-obligation quote, call Creative Sound & Vision on 0411 594 794.

Our Home theatre solutions include:

Mountings: We carry 3 types of custom TV mountings – Wall, Cabinet, and Ceiling Mounts. Creative Sound & Vision supplies install and recommend the right mounting for your needs.

3D Televisions: If you want to take home entertainment to the next level, we’ve got a full range of 3D televisions. We have 3D TV LCD, LED, and Plasma televisions in store for you. Take a look at them:

  • LCD Televisions
  • Plasma Televisions
  • LED Televisions
  • Blu-Ray
  • DVD
  • HD Box
  • Projector Installation

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get access to our products and services!