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When you’re in need of assistance with customised home theatre installation in Sydney, Creative Sound & Vision can help. We understand how to meet the unique needs of your home – giving you affordable and dynamic sound & vision experiences for your home. When you want to have a movie theatre experience without ever leaving the comforts of home, we can help. We have the experience it takes to create tailor-made systems suitable to your budget and needs. Customer satisfaction is our Number 1 priority – giving you peace of mind that you’ll find the best solution for your needs at Creative Sound & Vision.


The team at Creative Sound & Vision are qualified Sound Engineers with over 30 years’ experience, that’s why we are the team to ensure that you get the best sound and visual quality out of any system you choose.

Whether you are shopping for everything from a new system to installations or you simply need an existing system installed, we’re here to help. The Creative Sound & Vision team is eager to give you the amount of service you need to improve the sound and vision experience for your home or business. We are standing by so please call the Creative Sound & Vision team on 0411 594 794.

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